Canon vs Nikon

Canon vs Nikon

Which DSLR Should I Buy

CANON or NIKON – Sceptical about which brand to choose for photography?

Believe us, the comparison between Canon and Nikon is not that easy, but we will surely ease out your decision-making this time, making it a seem like a mere cake walk indeed.

Whether you are an amateur or a Pro, when you are thinking of buying a DSLR, Canon, Nikon and Sony are the top brands you think of, as they make great lenses, incredible picture quality, exceptional features and more.. Being the leading players in the optical and imaging industry, it gets really tricky to choose from among these brands as to which one would be best for you and would suit your requirements as well.

While some photographers will choose Canon, some others prefer Nikon over Canon. When choosing a DSLR of a particular brand, there are various factors that needs to be considered, one of the key ones being price and purpose of use. Though there are no major differences, but one can always look for a better option based on the exact requirements.




Choosing the one best DSLR brand can be very tricky sometimes. Let us have a quick insight on the two brands here to get more clarity:

SENSORSSimilarly sized; Focused on Megapixels (High image quality and larger prints with high resolution);

Similarly sized; Better performance in low light;


OPERATIONTerminologies differ – More complex (Example: Al Servo Autofocus);Terminologies differ – Simpler (Example: Continuous Autofocus); Better battery life (Takes more shots on a single charge);
SPEEDFaster high-end camera; Ideal for sports shootersBest pocket-friendly models for entry-level with more speed
VIDEO QUALITYFirst ones to come up with a hybrid autofocus system; Better videos with lenses designed specifically for videography;Latest developments have led to improvement in video quality with smoother motion to come at par with its counterparts
PRICEHighly priced with a gamut of features to offer;Highly priced products but also offers fairly priced body with kit lens as well;

Stand similar when you are in look out for high-end DSLR models;

Latest and better options available

Preferred more by beginners and entry-level photographers, that’s not the case always though. It has much to offer from its DSLR models in their entry.


The key question still remains whether to go for Canon or Nikon, both being the premium brands offering the best of what they have. From the above comparison between Canon DSLR and Nikon DSLR, it is crystal clear that on various grounds both the brands have a lot to offer individually and if you go on comparing the two, you’ll not find much differences except a few subtle ones.

In a nutshell, we can say that though both seem to be pretty similar on most grounds with minor variations, one should consider price and purpose as the key facets to make an ideal purchase.

Both Canon and Nikon function a lot differently and switching brands would cost you much of your money. What is suggested is that you stick to one brand, be it Nikon or Canon, and go for a purchase. Once you get familiar with the technicalities you’re sure to love the experience altogether. Make your way down to our Camera Shop to have a feel of both brands.

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